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STI Laredo is ready for back to school season.

STI Laredo is a company dedicated to the community and education, in this summer a #backtoschoolForSTI that was organized where a large amount of school supplies were given away to family members of drivers and residents of Laredo, the invitation received a great response for students of any levels pre-school, school, the high school and university.

In Laredo there are 226 schools that make up part of Webb County, Texas and there is a considerable percentage of low-income students who require special support to continue their education.

It is the generosity and dedication for the community that STI will continue to make many practices such as this school supplies fair.

There were more than 200 school supplies kits donated by our Human Resources staff, in the DANNY'S restaurant who provided us with a space for the donation of these items.

We invite the entire community to continue to be aware of these great efforts in which STI is inviting everyone.

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