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+40 years of

Super Transport International, LTD. (STI) was founded in Laredo, Texas in 1995, and rapidly grew to position itself as a leader in the international transportation industry. By securing and constantly training accomplished personnel, investing in technology and continually upgrading our fleet, we are able to deliver the highest customer service to our clients, guaranteed!

" tradition of excellence"

The tradition of leadership in STI LTD is fundamental, a value that each member must embody in an environment full of challenges and obstacles such as transportation, where decisions influence daily life. Leadership influences each one of us, and our main objective is for each employee to be an ethical and profesional leader, developing daily work in an integrated manner with passion and values.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality services in transportation and logistics through prioritizing safety, efficiency, and excellence. 


We aim to develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement by regularly reviewing and updating our procedures and processes. Running on a foundation of high ethical standards, striving for innovative solutions, and strengthening our relationships with clients motivates us to continue improving.

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STI LTD’s company culture drives employees to put their best foot forward. We are committed to improving employee performance through consistent training and strengthening our skills as a team. Our commitment to employee satisfaction allows a devoted team, enhancing our company as a whole. 

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